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Nate & Noah


Last weekend, our sweet friends from Colorado Springs came down to meet Nathan (and to hang out with us!). My brother Bryant also flew back in from Austin to hang out with everyone. It was SO fun - what a fabulous weekend!

The highlight of the trip? Nathan and Noah finally got to meet each other - live and in person! They've been exchanging text messages for awhile now. ;)

We had so much fun dressing them up and getting their pictures - there were a few meltdowns too, but for the most part they did pretty good. And I got zero - and I mean zero - pictures of any of the adults unless there was a baby with them.

We did a little shopping, ate out a few times, hung around my parents' house and Jen, Greg, Jon and I went on another double date (I love those!).

Binky buddies. :) Can we tell who stole the show?

It was also Nathan's first time in my parents' pool and he loved it! He actually only went in the hot tub because the pool was too cold for him being so little. So, my dad heated the hot tub up to bath water temperature and he had such a good time!

Noah was big enough to get in the pool and he was SO cute swimming around with his little floaties!

Hanging out with Dad and Uncle Bryant watching his bestest buddy :) I love the diaper peeking out - his swimsuit was SO huge on him! I had to use safety pins to hold it on!

Chillin' with their dads.

I just love these two! I can't wait to see them grow up to be best friends! :)

Hope you had a wonderful, restful Labor Day weekend! Anything fun happen?

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