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Yesterday was a VERY special church service - my brother, Caleb, got baptized and my Dad got to be the one who baptized him.

I have to tell you, I bawled. Caleb has been a Christian for years and years but seeing him get baptized and knowing that he wants to live his life for Christ just made me so incredibly happy! Baptism services always make me emotional, but this one was so special.

Pastor Mark preached on joy in the Spirit and it really was convicting to me - are my days filled with joy because I belong to Christ? Or are my moods totally dependent on circumstances?

Lots to think about.

After church, we went with some of our sweet friends - Clint and Leigh Ann (who are twelve-weeks pregnant!!) - and my parents to lunch at a local diner that had the most amazing milkshakes (I've decided milkshakes are my current love language). SO fun! We had such a fantastic time. I wished Caleb and Cayce could have come too, but homework and work were calling.

Nathan's starting to play with toys and as soon as I get it on video, I'll post it here because it's so fun to watch him! I love how you can see him learning right in front of your eyes. He's also becoming quite the ham - we went and hung out at Gammy and Pops' house yesterday and he just grinned and laughed and talked... :) He's two months old today and as soon as I get a birthday blog done about him, I'll be sure to post it!

One of my best friends, Kaitlin, is back in town for a little bit with her husband Eitan and I'm so excited about getting to hang out with her! She got to meet Nathan for the first time a couple of days ago and she came over to see us for a bit today. Nathan slept almost the entire time she was here, which was very nice because we got a lot of girl talk in. :)

Now he's chilling in his swing and I'm debating a workout - first one in probably three months! I think the thought of what I'll feel like tomorrow is not really adding to my enthusiasm right now. ;)

Y'all have a great Monday night!

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