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It's Nap Time!

Sort of - as I'm typing this, his eyelids keep flickering, so we'll see how this blog goes! :)

Nathan is almost exactly a month old and I feel like this month has been one of the fastest and slowest months of my whole life. Fast, because I can't believe we've had him that long! And it seems very slow when nursing is painful or when he is being extra fussy.

For the most part, he does pretty good. He gets fussy when he's tired - which is usually about an hour after he finishes eating. That hour in between though is SO fun! He's starting to get very interactive and I just love watching him smile and squeal and kick his little legs around!

I thought I'd catch up on a few things that happened! Two weeks ago, Jon's parents and grandparents came in town to meet Nathan. It was the first time his grandparents have been here since we bought our house and got Kody, so it was fun showing them our little life! Also, Nathan has now been to two softball games to cheer for his daddy - isn't the outfit he's wearing just adorable? I need to get a picture of both boys in their pinstripes. :)

Here's when everyone got to see him for the first time - I love this picture!

Jon, Nonnie and Nathan :)

Today is Jon's last day off before teaching begins again and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about what it will be like to be home with Nathan by myself. Jon is such a big help - it will be hard to not have him here! I think I might be calling Nathan's Gammy to see if she wants to come hang out. After all, just look at him - he wears himself out, so you know he is exhausting for me! :)

What have you been up to this summer? I feel like I've missed most of it - any fun trips happen? :)

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