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Circumstantial Evidence


A HUGE thank you to everyone who offered their advice and prayers for me about the mastitis! I talked to my doctor at my six-week checkup and he put me on yet another round of antibiotics just to make sure we definitely get the infection cleared up. I also bought some new undergarments ;) and I've been taking lecithin and vitamin C. So far, everything seems to be working much better!

I've been thinking a lot (there's not much else to do while nursing in the middle of the night unless you're into watching infomercials...I've almost bought bareMinerals three times now) about how much fun God has to have orchestrating everything in our lives. And how we're not even really aware of it until we look back and notice it.

Like how Jon decided to go to school here because of the football scholarship but got so homesick the first year he almost transferred back to California. His parents talked him into finishing it out here and we met his junior year. :)

Or how an ad for the Christian Writers Guild in a magazine I read got me thinking about trying to write full-time instead of just as a hobby. I took their courses, went to their conferences and Miss Match was signed a few years later.

And especially the circumstances around Nathan's birth. When we went in for my last prenatal visit at 40 weeks and Dr. Gordon first started talking about inducing us, we tried to schedule the induction for the following Friday. It ended up because of scheduling that the only day that worked was Tuesday, July 13, which was only four days past due for me. Since I didn't know I was in labor until we got there and the cord was wrapped around Nathan's neck, I'm SO thankful that we ended up going in earlier as opposed to later!

I love hearing stories like this! Totally everyday, normal stuff when you are in the middle of it, but then it ends up changing your life. :) What are some of the ways God has done this for you?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take advantage of this special one-time offer for the ab workout machine that not only tones your midsection, thighs, glutes, hamstrings and ankles, but it also has a cup holder, toaster oven and a magazine rack. ;)

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