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1 Month, 24 Years and Loaded Baked Potatoes Eaten On The Run

That last one is what my lunch was like. Because, at this very minute, Nathan is sleeping in his little swing (side note to parents-to-be out there: Buy a baby swing! It's one of the best investments we bought!), and I can type with both hands. So, I'm going to try and quickly catch up on some of the things that have happened.

Nathan turned one month old on the 13th - where did that month go??!! I cannot believe our little man is so big already! He's starting to get really interactive - talking, squealing, cooing and reacting to us and what we do. I love it!

He's also started holding his head up by himself - the only time we really have to support him now is when he's really tired. He's also outgrown most of his newborn clothes (very sad face here!) and he's now wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes. Also, he's got a bad case of baby acne. Tell you what - life is hard when you are spitting up, pooping out your diaper and dealing with pimples! I need to remember this next time I'm frustrated with just one whitehead on my face. ;)

Today is my brother's 24th birthday, but we celebrated it last week because on Sunday he moved to Austin for grad school. We are all very sad and teary here. It's only for a year and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Still. I spent a good portion of Saturday crying because we usually see him at least once a week and it will be sad not to. He's having fun though - right now he's in San Antonio with my great aunt and uncle at their lake house and probably by this point he's racing around the lake on one of their Sea-Doos.

He's just suffering right now. :P He had been something of a baby hog the last few weeks leading up to leaving - I looked through the pictures we took recently and most of them had Bryant carrying Nathan in them.

Jon is officially back at work teaching which means I've spent the last week at home with Nathan by myself. And good news! We are both still alive and relatively sane, so I think I've been successful so far! My mom came and watched him for an hour yesterday so I could go to the grocery store without the production of taking him and it was so weird being away! It was the first time I've ever left him. Weird...

Could you please be praying for me? Not to get too TMI here, but I'm on my second case of mastitis and things are just rather painful still in the whole nursing area. I'm on antibiotics again and they seem to be working, so I'm holding out hope that this time it won't come back! Nathan is growing and gaining weight, so I'm not too concerned about him but it would be nice to not dread feeding him sometimes. :(

And we also had our first REAL meltdown in public, Wal-Mart to be exact. And it was Nathan's, not mine (although, I was pretty close too!). We were waiting for my antibiotic prescription to be filled and he screamed - and I mean screamed - the whole time we waited. Those poor pharmacists were running like gold medalists trying to get my medicine finished. Every single person who was in that quadrant of the store was looking at me and saying super helpful things like, "Aw, wa ood eh ee?" which was probably, "Aw, how old is he?", but I'll never know because he was crying so loud right in my ear.

It just saddens me that Wal-Mart - the place I visited on a near-daily basis when I was pregnant with him - was where he decided to test his lung power. You'd think he'd be used to the soothing voice of the Wal-Mart intercom lady. But no. I've never been looked at by so many strangers in my life. I used to be that person who could quietly slip in and out of stores without anyone but the cashier knowing I was there. Those days are apparently over. Nathan is a boy who likes attention.


I hope you guys are having a good day! To those of you who are headed back to school - have an amazing first semester! I have a feeling it's going to be a great one! :)

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