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What has been happening :)

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been so spacey-brained I can barely remember to put shoes on to leave the house. That and Jon's been on his break before teaching summer school starts, so we've been getting our house deep cleaned and organized and soaking up the little amount of time we've got left with just the two of us. :)

It has hit triple digits here several times over the last week, so needless to say, I am SO ready to not be pregnant anymore! I'm roasting! About the only amount of time I spend outside is swimming in my parents' pool (which feels amazing!).

We had our weekly checkup today and I actually lost a pound this week, which I've heard is a good sign that he might be coming soon! The doctor also checked me and Baby N (now I've got you guessing!!) is head down - YAY! That is SUCH a relief to here because I've been worried that he was sideways or something. :) Hoping to be at least a little bit dilated next week!

This week was also the week of cravings - Sunday I would have given my right arm for a Frozen Coke Icee. Jon was such a good husband - after church, we probably drove to about eleven places looking for one (and I called about six others) before we finally found it. And it was GOOD. :)

Then Tuesday night, I was planning on making burritos for dinner. Then I started thinking about pizza. So, we pulled out the ads to see if we could find any coupons and that when I saw the ad for Long John Silvers. Pizza and popcorn shrimp? Sounded AMAZING. So we got both. Considering I haven't really craved anything the rest of this pregnancy, it was a little weird that all of these things hit in one week!

I'm going to post a picture of me at 36 weeks tomorrow and hopefully next week I'll get back to memory lane! Hope you all are staying cool!

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