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Mrs. Grumpus

I woke up this morning, stared at the ceiling and thought, "Next Friday is the due date."

Isn't that just craziness?? :)

And I'm going to start this post with a disclaimer - a lot of what is below is just me being nearly 39 weeks and needing to vent a little bit. I'm hoping the venting will take care of things that seem to be inflating - like my ankles, for instance.

We've got our next appointment on Thursday. And a few things have changed - for example, up until this week I hadn't really had swollen ankles or anything, but now my ankles and hands are pretty much constantly swollen and my wedding rings no longer fit. The swelling seems to get worse at night. Also, I've been having off and on Braxton Hicks contractions which are just incredibly fun times. I'm always thinking, "Maybe this is it!" But it isn't as of yet.

Last night, both Jon and I were both thinking maybe it was it. I woke up about one in the morning with super bad heartburn and some painful cramping. It kept me up until about six. Jon, thankfully, went back to sleep since he had to teach at summer school today. And I, thankfully, didn't have anywhere I needed to be today, so I slept in until noon.

So it seems that Baby N is perfectly content to just stay in there. I'm SO hoping that we'll get to hear something positive about dilating at our appointment on Thursday! I've been trying to tell Baby N that his happy little existence in his private bounce house is only temporary and he would much rather be out here where he can completely stretch out, but he doesn't seem to care.

But. Enough with the pregnancy complaints. :) Apparently, I've been more of a grumpus lately. We helped some friends - Blake and Shannon - move on Monday. I'd seen Blake the previous Monday at one of Jon's softball games.

He came over and I asked him how he was doing and this is what he said: "Well. I'm fine. I'm just hot. And tired."

So I snapped, "Well, why don't you try incubating a human heater in triple digit heat and see how you're doing then?"

I guess he went home and told Shannon it was the first time he'd ever seen me grouchy. Which just goes to show that we probably need to hang out more because I'm definitely not all happy and carefree all the day long, all of the time. Still. Poor Blake. I'm blaming the off-with-his-head remark on the pregnancy hormones, but deep down I know I was just being a Mrs. Grumpy Pants, like our friend Laura would call me.

Yesterday, though, was fun! I spent a good part of the afternoon having coffee with some of my sweetest friends who helped put my "woe is me, this child is going to come out needing braces" thoughts to rest. :) It really is amazing how friends and some iced mango tea can help solve some of those issues. That and realizing that despite how loooong the days are right now, I'm still not to my due date and so I don't have much room to complain. (Especially compared to one of the ladies in my community group who was 2.5 weeks late with one of her kids - OY.)

So. We are just here waiting. Waiting and praying and walking. I know in my head that God has already planned Baby N's birthday and it's going to be exactly the right time - it's just convincing my emotions and ankles of that...

Here's praying that we all have a good night's sleep!

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