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It's Been a Long Time Coming...

But I'm finally catching up on here!!

So sorry for the lack of blogs lately - Jon's two week summer break started Friday afternoon, so we've been busy trying to get our house cleaned and organized for when our little mister shows up. :) And we spent Memorial Day weekend swimming at my parents house (which felt SO good on my back!!), so we've been busy!

I did want to post my shower pictures though, so here they are! My baby shower in pictures!!

Here are the sweet girls who were the hostesses - Eliya, Shannon, Laura and Mrs. Wright. :)

They had a super cute idea for a game and had everyone decorate onesies for our little guy! Here's the one my mother-in-law and mom made. So cute!

This is a quilt that my grandmother cross-stitched for the baby. Isn't it adorable?

Jen and Greg came in town for the shower - here's a shot of my sister, me, my mom and Jen. I love this picture!!

My two sisters-in-law, Vicky and Ashlee, came in town with my mother-in-law. We had such a good time with them! We ate out on Sunday night at a teppan grill. So fun!

I'll get back to my memories about how Jon and I started dating hopefully tomorrow. And I need to post another pregnancy pic! Almost 35 weeks - WOW.

More to come tomorrow! Have a great day!

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