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Baby's Room :)

Due Date Countdown: 15 days!

I think we can tell what my focus has been lately. :) I've been trying to make sure we've got everything ready, reading up in my pregnancy books on labor and delivery, sleeping a ton (I've been SO tired this week!), and trying to soak up as much time with Jon as possible before we're officially parents!

Father's Day was SO much fun - we hung out at my parents' house and went swimming, Mom made some awesome enchiladas and we gave Dad his Father's Day gifts:

I can't show you what the shirt says because it's one of those secret, inside family jokes and you probably wouldn't find it so funny. :) But obviously Dad did!

I'm SO grateful to have such an amazing father - I really can't imagine having a better example growing up of what my Heavenly Father is like. :) Dad is hilarious - I love hanging out with him!

And I'm also so thankful that I married a man who is going to be an amazing daddy as well! Honestly, that is one of the things I'm most excited for - I cannot wait to see my sweet Jon as a dad! :)

And I finally got Baby N's room to the point where we can take pictures! Yay! There's a few things I didn't take pictures of to show you guys - once we have him and his name is officially "official", I'll post a few more pictures. :) But for now...

Here's view of his room from the hallway. You'll notice a few things shoved into the corners and those are the things that won't end up in his room (like the bouncer seat, the car seat, the bathtub, etc).

The crib! We went with a transportation theme because really, what's cuter with baby boys than trucks? :)

Here's the stroller! I love the print on this one - my in-laws got this for us!

Baby N's bookshelf - isn't a bookshelf a must for the son of an author? (Of course, you'll notice that there seems to be more sports-related items on the bookshelf than actual books...)

Here's his changing table/dresser. We put the quilt from the bedding on the wall. The lamp is one of those little mini ones from Target and of course there had to be Disney! My mom and sister picked up Mickey and Donald on their last trip for Baby N. He's spoiled already :)

Here's his going home from the hospital outfit - aren't those just the cutest little socks you've ever seen? And when I think about how cute he's going to look in that little hoodie? :) I have to admit, I've gotten a little bit soft over the last few weeks. :)

Mom found him this miniature Kody - isn't it adorable?

This is the quilt my mother-in-law made for him - doesn't it match his room just perfectly?? I love the colors! Told you he's already spoiled rotten. :)

I'm not sure why the lighting is all weird in this picture, but this is an outfit my sister bought for him while we were on our girls' trip in Phoenix a few months back. I just LOVE the zebra (it says "My Stripey Friend")! So cute! And I've decided that baby boys have the cutest pants ever!

Last, but definitely not least, here's a picture of the necklace my mom got me for my baby shower - the heart has the July birthstone in it. :) I love this!

There are SO many other things I could have taken pictures of - we have been SO blessed by our sweet friends and family! :) I'm so thankful that our little guy is loved and prayed for already - THAT is by far the best gift Jon and I have been given!

A few of you have asked if I have a PO Box and yes, I do!! And I love getting mail - you guys are so sweet to ask! It's:

Erynn Mangum
PO Box 66331
Albuquerque, NM 87193. :)

Off to get some lunch! I hope you guys are having a wonderful, restful Wednesday! Have any fun plans for the weekend?

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