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Now Available! :)

Guess what's now available for pre-order on my website?

:) Note that orders won't ship until on or around July 1, 2010 - but you can go ahead and order it now! Be sure to specify who you want the book signed to!

In other fun news, Cool Beans is now available for download on Kindle! Yay! :)

Last night, I tried making the Pioneer Woman's spaghetti and meatballs and oh. my. gosh. It was SO good! Not too expensive either - I did a mix of ground beef and sausage. I did splurge and buy the good kind of parmesan cheese (aka not the Kraft shakeable one), but for how many meatballs it made, it wasn't too expensive at all!

It did take me about an hour and a half to make dinner...but I think most of that was me getting over the thought of mashing raw meat (ew) with raw egg (double ew) with my bare hands (triple ew). So, this might not be the best meal to make if you are a) in a hurry or b) pregnant and prone to nausea. Particularly when it involves eggs.


But the finished product was well worth it. And I would have taken pictures, but we were SO HUNGRY by the time I finally finished making dinner that it didn't sit on the plate long enough for posterity. Besides, PW is a crazy good photographer anyway, so you should go salivate over her pictures.

Anyone else watch American Idol last night? I find it slightly unnerving that watching a guy sing is making me want to get highlights put in my hair. All in all, I thought the duets were the best part of the show. And I'm still calling Lee as the winner. Guess we'll see!

So, despite this tragic demise as I documented last year:

Jon still got another geranium at school last week as part of the school's fundraiser. I'm not sure what this little plant did to deserve to come live with us, but I'm going to try as hard as I can to keep it alive this time. So, I've been watering it, but trying not to water it too much and I've been giving it pep talks on stayin' alive (I could SO have put a cute little Bee Gees quote in right there, but notice that I restrained), and for now, it's an inside plant. And I didn't even try to transplant it to a nicer pot, nope, we've still got him in the ugly plastic green container that so does not go with my house decor.

I don't particularly care for green. Which I guess might be why I keep killing all my plants.

And I'm finding it funny that Jon is the one who brought home this plant when he specifically told me that no, we could not get flowers this year because we did not demonstrate horticultural care last year.

Very interesting.

After American Idol last night, we watched part of this special on quintuplets and those babies were born weighing less than what our little guy weighs right now according to What to Expect. I told Jon that it's easy for me to think that I'm pregnant, even easy for me to be like, "Oh, he's kicking so hard right now!" But when I think about what's inside of me?

Hard for me to associate "baby" with the sudden abdominal growth I seem to be having.

Well. Time to go water the geranium and consider highlights (for me, not the plant). If any of you would be considered something along the lines of a Plant Whisperer, would you mind sharing a few thoughts on how to keep one from dying?

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