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Mother's Day Weekend

So, last Friday afternoon, my sweet husband who normally looks something like this (at least in the winter):

Morphed into someone who looks like this:

And stayed that way for the whole weekend. He and a group of guys from Bible study decided to go turkey hunting - and I think it was the first time for all of them. Jon had a complete blast. He got back last night in time for dinner, sunburned and full of stories.

I asked him if he caught anything and he just sighed and said, "Erynn, we weren't trying to catch the turkeys, we were trying to kill the turkeys. So no, I didn't catch anything."

He didn't kill anything either, in case you were wondering. Only one turkey was harmed in the making of the above photos. My thoughts on hunting? I'd rather not know what kind of animal I'm eating, I'd rather just believe that it comes in a nice package in the grocery store.

But, I think they're planning another trip for next year already. Maybe next time they'll catch, I mean kill, something like one of the cows they saw out there. Steaks for a year! ;) Seriously, though, I'm so glad that Jon has such a great group of guys to hang out with!

Meanwhile, I stayed at my parents' house and spent the weekend with my family. I swear Caleb's puppy has grown a HUGE amount just in the last week. I'm sure she'll be ridiculously large in a few months.

She's such a hilarious dog. I spent most of the weekend laughing at her, honestly. I've never seen a dog get more excited about food or food smells. Then I felt bad for laughing because this is what she looked like most of the time when food wasn't around:

Pathetic. And not my brother - I think Caleb looks adorable in this picture. I'm pretty sure that little Joey has the saddest eyes of any dog ever.

We watched a few movies, talked a lot and just hung out at the house for the most part. One of the movies we watched? Nacho Libre.

I'll never get that hour and a half of my life back. It's depressing to think of all the things I could have been doing during that hour and a half that would have probably been more entertaining, such as counting how many fibers make up the carpet in my living room. If you like that movie, I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing the appeal.

So sad.

And then it was Mother's Day and I just have to brag a little bit because my mom is awesome! :) I'm SO incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing example of what a mom looks like all growing up. It was very fun to get to live back at home over the weekend. We got to talk a lot. It was quite wonderful and I'm just so thankful for her! We've always been very close and I'm so glad she's always there to answer any questions I have or if I just want to talk for a while. She's more than just my mom, she's one of my best friends. :)

And even though I didn't see her yesterday, I'm super thankful for my mother-in-law as well! She is another fantastic example of what a mom should be like. God has just blessed me so much with all these amazing women in my life!

Today, my next door neighbor, her three-year-old and four-month old boys and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. And I learned a couple of things:

1) I will never be the marathon runner who continues to run every day she was pregnant (and I won't be a marathon runner regardless).
2) I do need to walk more just because it's supposedly such good exercise if you're expecting - maybe because you're lugging an extra twenty pounds up those hills with you.
3) If nothing else, I should walk more just for the tan. I really don't want to blend into the sheets at the hospital.

And now, I'm off to make a quick dinner and then get ready to go to tonight's softball game. The guys are undefeated and amazing this year, which is a good thing, but it doesn't make for super enthralling games when the score is 22 to 7. I was almost cheering for the other team during that game. How demoralizing.

To all you moms out there - thank you for the HUGE sacrifice you make for your kids day after day! I hope yesterday was relaxing for you!

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