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Counting down the days...

Today is just one of those days when I'm SO excited that I won't be pregnant soon! :) I'm so ready to have our little guy here, I'm so ready to sleep on my stomach again, I'm so ready to put him in all the adorable little clothes we've been finding over the last few months and I'm so ready to put ME in some of the cute summer non-maternity clothes that are in stores now!

Very long sentence, but I think you get my drift. I. Am. Ready.

However, sadly, The Little Man is not. I'm 31 weeks today and I keep telling him that six weeks from today would be a fantastic time to be born. We're aiming for 37 weeks (officially full-term!) and about six or seven pounds. This is what I tell him every day. That and how great it is out here, so don't try to stay in there, but come on out as fast as you can.

Has anyone seen the previews for Letters to Juliet? I think it looks sooo cute! I really want to go see that one. I think it comes out next week!

I'm on the home stretch with my deadline (which is why I haven't been posting on here as frequently), so hopefully I'll finish that up soon so I can concentrate on finishing up the baby's room! :) Here's a little sneak peek at what I want to make for his room.

I bought a huge bulletin board and I'm going to get denim fabric to cover it and add brown ribbon stripes and a bunch of different shaped pushpins to hold the ribbon against the fabric. I really wanted a place to put pictures of our out of town relatives so maybe he'll recognize them! :) Plus, I just love memory boards. I think they're adorable.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

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