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Sweet Days

Yesterday, Jon came home with this sweet surprise:

When I asked him what the occasion was, he said, "It's Tuesday." :) Have I mentioned lately how much I love that guy? I love when he surprises me with things like that!

And today, we had another surprise! The teachers who work with Jon threw us a surprise baby shower (it wasn't a surprise to me because they had to get me there! So, I knew yesterday morning). It was so fun! Jon was very surprised and all of his coworkers were just so sweet. The tables were all decorated with blue and baby things. They all signed this adorable card for us and gave us such a generous check! I think we'll be putting that toward diapers. :) Thank you so much everyone there! :)

I meant to bring my camera, but they way my memory is going these days, I'm just glad I got there with my teeth brushed and my shoes on.

Which is a good segue into talking about my apparent inability to email anyone back these days. I promise that if you've sent me an email in the last few weeks that I have read it and I will write you back soon!! I need to just set aside a day to do emailing, but I'm afraid that might not be until after this deadline is over. I'm sorry!!! I promise I will write you soon!!!

We had some new neighbors move in next door this week and today I took a pan of marble squares (best brownie EVER) over for them and found out that they are Christians as well! Yay! And they have a three-year-old boy and another boy who is probably around six months or so (I never caught how old he was). So great! I know I'm just going to love having them next door - especially once our guy is born. I love that he's going to have neighborhood friends! They seem like such sweet people.

Tonight, Jon and I are going to have a date at Fuddrucker's for some hamburgers. Fuddrucker's is sponsoring an event to benefit one of the daughters of a friend of ours who is struggling with cancer. Please be praying for their family! I think it's awesome that Fuddrucker's is doing this for them! Is there a better way to raise money than by offering a milkshake? I think not! It's pretty sweet! :)

And now that I've used the word sweet about forty times in this post, I'm going to sign off. I DO NOT want to work out today, but I'm going to at least do some stretches and maybe some short exercises with the resistance band. I've noticed that days when I move around a little bit seem to help my back from hurting so much at night. So, time to do that so we can actually eat dinner at a halfway decent hour. :)

I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday! Any fun plans for later this week?

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