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The Promised Picture :)


Did I mention he likes sit all in the front? :) And you also get a nice shot of Kody's tail as well. :)

So far, the pregnancy is going great! I've been feeling good, a little more tired lately, but that's probably because sleeping all the way through the night has become a thing of the past. I wake up to go to the bathroom and then I'll wake up for no reason at all - I just can't go back to sleep.

At my appointment last week, I'd gained a total of 19 pounds (oy!). I feel like it's all right there in the front! I've decided he likes sitting in my lap since I carry him so low. :)

The best part of my day is feeling him move around in there! I just love it! He's always super active in the mornings - probably thanks to the huge glass of chocolate milk I've been drinking every day. :) This morning, he was moving from side to side. Such an amazing, awe-inspiring and completely weird thing to watch!

We got his mobile and the valance for his room yesterday. :) They are so cute! We're supposed to get the dresser next week. I have a few ideas for decorating the room. Once everything is set up, I'll be sure to post some pictures! :)

Hope you are having a great day!

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