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Pixar and Dinner


Last night, Jon and I were over at my parents' house and my sister was watching Ratatouille. I have very fond feelings toward this movie, which is surprising considering it's a movie about a rat (and if you know me, you know my intense hatred toward all things rodential in nature). And not only a rat, but a rat who is messing around in a restaurant's kitchen.

But, back in the old dating days, Jon and I went to go see Ratatouille and then went to an Italian restaurant because you cannot watch Ratatouille without eating during or shortly after the movie. It was very romantic. Except for the little kid sitting behind us in the theater who continually asked his parents what was happening in the movie.

Can you imagine if someone other than Pixar had made Ratatouille and how different it could have been? Like, what if that creepy guy who made Signs decided to take on Ratatouille? I probably wouldn't be as inclined to eat after watching that remake.

All that to say that I'm going to attempt to make ratatouille tonight for dinner. Only I'm adding kielbasa sausage because What To Expect said I need to be getting a good amount of protein right now and Rachael Ray seems to think that kielbasa sausage is the next best thing after EVOO.

I've never made ratatouille and to be honest, I didn't even really know how to spell it until I started writing this horrifically long, pointless blog about it.

Jon is super stoked about tonight because tonight is the first night of softball season. And I was pretty excited about tonight until all of the guys who married my friends and would bring them to games with them joined another team. And the wind is gusting around 20 mph tonight. So, now I will probably sit alone in the bleachers, trying to avoid the allergens in the air while simultaneously hanging on to Kody's leash and consistently saying, "NO" while he tries to eat a bunch of sunflower seed leftovers.

Which have to be the next grossest thing after cigarette butts and gum on the ground. Pretty much anything that at some point was in someone's mouth and it now on the ground is just nasty. Especially after last year, when I watched a little kid who belonged to the team we were playing build a nice little leaning shack out of cigarette butts with a pretty garden of sunflower seed shells. All of which he found in the dirt around him.


But I do like to go and cheer for Jon. And my two brothers and my dad are on his team as well, so I cheer for them too. My mom might be there tonight, so hopefully I'll get to talk with her!

Well. I'm off to check on dinner. Hope you guys are having a good night!

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