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The One Where Nothing Happened

So, I realize it's been a week without me posting but honestly, I've been having trouble coming up with things to write about on here!

For the majority of last week, I sat at home working on my current deadline. Which isn't so interesting to anyone else. "What did you do today, Erynn?" "I sat in my chair and stared at a computer screen."

Very interesting.

I did have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. The last of my four-week appointments! Now, I've graduated down to going every three weeks. Doctor said everything looked great, I'd gained four pounds (all of which seems to sit right out in front), passed my glucose test just fine and I called and scheduled birthing classes. Because of the way the class schedules meshed with ours, it looks like we're going to be doing a very long weekend class about two weeks before the due date. :) I guess if he's early, we'll figure it out ourselves!

This pregnancy is going by SO FAST now!!

I'm so glad I know so many wonderful moms (and have several fabulous moms reading this blog!) who can help me with all my questions right now! I was texting with Jen most of the morning one day this week, doing research on what I should register for and what I shouldn't. Mom went with me to my appointment on Wednesday, so we walked around Target for a little bit afterward, trying to see what I thought I needed or not. So helpful!! :)

Then Jon and I went and registered on Saturday. It was fun! Overwhelming, but fun! We registered at two places and I know I did duplicates of several things, so I need to go edit those online today.

Afterward, we went to my friend Elisa's house and had dinner with her, her boyfriend and another couple from church we hadn't met before, Thomas and Erin. Erin is 17 weeks pregnant! It's always fun to compare notes with other preggos. :) She, though, is not showing AT ALL and I'm very certain I was already in maternity pants by that point. Our baby definitely sits low and all in front! She's probably a lot like my cousin who also carries pretty far back - lucky girls are going to look six months pregnant when they are delivering. Not I! :)

Sunday morning, Jon and I helped out in the nursery and oh wow... We were both exhausted when we finished! There were nine babies in there and we had another couple helping with us. Still, it was like a constant race to make sure no one was crying, no one was hitting anyone else, no one was falling over. I am SO thankful we're only having one!! :)

Did anyone else out there suffer from "pregnancy brain"? I feel like the bigger I get, the more of my short term memory brain cells die off. I can't remember anything! I've forgotten several phone calls I needed to make, emails I needed to send... the list is continuing to grow. Ugh. Are there any methods you guys used to keep remembering things?

I know I'm due for a picture on here, but I forgot (SEE??) to take one this weekend. I'll take one tonight and post it up here!

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