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Girls Trip!

This last week, my mom, sister and I headed to Phoenix for a fabulous girls trip!

We ate at Paradise Bakery and the Cheesecake Factory...

It was amazing! Need I say more? :)

We went shopping, we hung out and talked and laughed and I had the best time! The highlight of the trip?

Michael Buble!! And in a very sad event, the concert staff wouldn't let me take my camera into the concert, so I didn't get any pictures of us inside. We had awesome seats though and Michael Buble is a great performer.

I think we all had a fantastic time and there was even talk of making these trips an annual thing. Yay! I love getting to spend time with Mom and Cayce!

I turned 27 weeks out there and I'm now in my third trimester! Time is FLYING by! I can't believe how quickly - 13 weeks to go until we get to hold this little boy! I seriously cannot wait for that day! Though, I must confess, I think I'll miss feeling him kick all day. It's such an incredible feeling!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Enjoy your weekend!

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