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30 Weeks

I can't believe we only have ten weeks to go!

I don't think Kody knows what is happening. :) And I never really notice how much my lower back is arching now until I see pictures - no wonder it's sore at the end of the day!

Baby stats this week - Our little man weighs a little over three pounds and he's around 17 inches long. He can hear and see and he's working on his breathing. This week, the folds and wrinkles of his brain are forming - SO amazing!! I can't wait to see what color eyes he has and what color hair - if he has any - he has. We've been talking about things like labor and what outfit we want to bring him home in. God has just been so good!

I talk to our little guy a lot, because apparently, he can hear quite well at this point. I've been letting him know that he could come in seven weeks and that would be just fine. I tell him how great it is out here and how much he doesn't want to weigh like a Hulk baby like his daddy did (Jon = 10 pounds, 10 ounces when he was born. My poor mother-in-law. Pity me, people).

So far, this has been a really easy pregnancy! I've been having trouble sleeping at night and so I get awfully tired during the day, but really, that's nothing compared to what other women have had to deal with. You moms out there - did you guys have issues with the ligaments hurting around your uterus? And what did you do to help with that? I think my body has decided it's not stretching anymore without lots of complaints. ;)

We have such a weird dog - these are the curtains over our back sliding door and he loves to lay under them. Jon got this picture on Sunday morning before church. I thought he looked like he was going to join the dog nunnery.

We went over to my parents' house on Saturday for a little while. We were standing in the kitchen talking to my mom and dad and my brother, Caleb, came upstairs then holding this:

Isn't she adorable?? It completely shocked me!! He got her Saturday morning. She's an English mastiff (I know!!) and her name is Joey. She is just too cute - I love watching puppies! She's so clumsy and has the sweetest little ears! Caleb is completely in love with her. I think Kody is going to love having a cousin dog to play with (though, when she's full-grown, Joey will probably be able to toss Kody in the air).

She seems like SUCH a sweet dog! And look at that face - so sad, I just love her.

Last night, Jon and I went on a date to one of our favorite places, Scarpas (best dessert EVER is there) and then came home and watched Love Happens. And single ladies out there - be sure to find a guy who doesn't mind watching chick-flicks with you when you are looking to get married. Jon is SO great about that! Much better than I am at watching some of his movies (I'm the biggest jumper ever in movies - so I really don't like watching movies that will scare the daylights out of me!).

Anyway, the movie last night was cute! Aside from some language, there was absolutely nothing in it - no bedroom scenes, no scantily dressed women. I hate how it seems like every chick-flick out there now thinks it needs a few of those in there. Fast-forwarding through movies is just not so fun. So, I was very pleasantly surprised last night!

What did you do this last weekend?

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