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Less than a month!!!

We officially have LESS than a month before this comes out!! :)

I'm a teensy bit excited. :) YAY!

Today is one of those days where I'm not really sure what to post about. I have had a fairly boring last couple of hours. I went to Wal-Mart and the grocery store and I've been putting off starting the laundry for about, oh, I'd say around five or so hours now.

I've been trying to get a bunch of writing done, but honestly, it is just so hard right now! The sky is bright blue, it's finally warmer weather and there is none of our usual spring blow-me-over-in-the-parking-lot breezes. It's gorgeous outside! It makes me want to plant flowers.

But, we all know what happened last year when I attempted that. And I'm pretty sure Jon is against the idea of flowers because of that fateful summer. I might have to invest in some real-looking fake ones. No green thumb needed.

It really is kind of a bummer to sit inside on a gorgeous day and stare at an artificially-lit computer screen. Comfy chair or not.

So, after much sighing and gnashing of teeth over my indoor profession, I finally moved outside. That's what laptops were created for, right?


Besides, now I can look around and really get my thinking cap on. Nothing like nature and fresh air to inspire you and give you lots of thought fodder! For example, instead of bemoaning my view outside from the kitchen table, I am now thinking how weird it is that I seem to be able to grow the lushest, healthiest, sturdiest looking weeds and yet my flowers look like this at the peak of summer:

This, sadly, is a pot of gorgeous flowers that I planted last year and set up on our patio. I'm not even sure what killed it. I watered it, I had it in the partial sun spot like it supposedly liked. Maybe I overloved it. Are you supposed to treat gardens with some measure of disdain? I just remember that when I was growing up, we had a vegetable garden that we had to weed and water on a daily basis and me and my siblings hated that garden - mostly due to the weeding and watering. And those veggies grew like Contrary Mary's garden - abundantly. It's a thought! (Actually, I think that it was mostly due to my parents' care of it. Maybe they can come take care of my flowers this year.)

Anyway. Time to get back to the writing. I hope you are having a more productive day than I am! What are you up to?

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