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Lazy Weekend with the In-Laws

So, I'm not really sure what season it is anymore. I just know I'm sneezing, coughing my head off and looking outside expecting green grass and tulips for my trouble and all I've been seeing is snow, snow run off and rocks.

The rocks are more my fault than the weather's. I can blame a lot on the weather, but probably the lack of grass and tulips is more because we've never planted them. Just a hunch.

My in-laws came in town for a few days last week after we got home from Durango and we had a fabulous time with them. Though, I'm fairly certain they'll come here expecting to be bored out of their minds now. Between my tonsillitis and Jon's springbreakitis, we weren't exactly the picture of excitement. We did a lot of sitting on the couch. But sitting on the couch can lead to talking, so Jon and I had a great time. We got to rest, we got to catch up with the parental units, and I just hope they had a good time as well. We did manage to fit a couple of shopping trips in and found a couple of adorable outfits for our little man. :) Yay! And, my father-in-law treated us to several meals out, which was just fabulous.

They left early, early, early yesterday morning. Jon and I had already decided that it wasn't worth seeing the nasty looks on people's faces at church when they heard my coughing and throat-clearing and just general yuckiness even though I've been faithfully taking my antibiotics and I'm no longer considered contagious, so we stayed home from church. Jon drove his parents to the airport and then came home and joined me in sleeping in. Greg and Connie may or may not have gotten back to California (plus a layover in LA) before Jon and I woke up.

I'll never tell.

Plus, I was sick. Sick and pregnant. So, I'm thinking that if there was ever a reasonable excuse to sleep in past what most of the population would consider a decent time for lunch, I've got it.

We spent yesterday afternoon watching a movie and then headed to my parent's house for dinner and depression since we were keeping an eye on the government's fantastic idea to pass something that 73% of the country despises. Seriously, folks. I'm not good at math, but I do know that 73% of anything is usually the majority.

So, between last night's vote and having to get back to our non-spring-break routine today, I think both Jon and I will be sort of grouchy tonight. Which is why I might propose Air Force One for after dinner. I don't know what being grouchy and Air Force One have to do with each other, but it just sounds like a good movie tonight. Actually, confession time - Harrison Ford was my first movie star crush at the ripe old age of eleven, so maybe I still have a soft spot for him. Despite his fairly weird personal life.

We are at a week and a half until Cool Beans releases! Yay! :)

What did you guys do this week?

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