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Trying To Stay Busy

With everything that happened on Monday, I forgot to tell you how the Super Bowl Brownies turned out! And pictures are always better than words:

I used a Duncan Hines box mix and made a quick powdered sugar glaze for the laces (powdered sugar mixed with water until the right consistency is reached). They were actually pretty easy! And the plate I found at Target a couple of years ago in the $1 section. Love it!

I'm SO excited as I write this, because in FOUR days, I will be able to tell all of you whether our little one is a girl or a boy! We can do away with the "it" title the baby has right now! No more of this: "Let's decide how to decorate it's room." "Gosh, it's moving a lot right now!"

I hate the word it in relation to our baby. It makes the baby sound like he or she is not really a person, just a thing.

But, enough of my soapbox. :)

Yesterday was a great day! I had lunch with a good friend of mine and we started a Bible study that is awesome! It's called Because of Jesus and I highly recommend it. We ended up talking for two hours at an adorable little tea room. Such a great conversation! God has been teaching me so much lately - Monday's reminder of how He protects us has just been the tip of the iceberg. The fact that He loves us so completely, so thoroughly...wow. It just amazes me!

I went and met my Mom and sister afterward at the mall. I needed some black ballet flats for the upcoming Christian Writers Guild conference (it's February 18-21 in Denver - I'm SO excited to go!!! If any of you are going to be able to be there, send me an email so we can meet up and get coffee or something!). I found some shoes (cute and actually relatively comfortable - SCORE) and my sister applied for a job and got it (yay! The mall is very close to my house, so I'll get to see her more!)

After that, I met some girls from my Bible study for a quick coffee before dinner. It was so nice to get a chance for some girl catch-up time! Jon had a family night thing that lasted late at his school, so when he finished, he came and picked me up from coffee and we caught a quick dinner at Flying Star (favorite local place here!) and then watched the American Idol episode we DVR-d (my thoughts: Group Day = Weird).

Today is going to be a quieter day. I'm working on some writing and I might have to clean out the closet in what's going to be the baby's room (right now, it's the catch-all room) just to make the time pass faster. I've been trying to come up with all kinds of things to do this week to keep my mind off of this coming Monday's festivities! You know - because a watched pot never boils and stuff like that. :)

And I'll leave you with a picture of my constant companion:

:) Have a great day!

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