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The Last Week

The last few days have been so fun! I can't help but stop and think every day about that tiny little boy God is growing right now - what a miracle! :)

After the ultrasound on Monday, we went and bought the supplies to tell my parents and also got the baby's first outfits. :) Jon and I kept it a secret all day long and finally told our families that night. We called his parents, brothers and sisters-in-law first. I'd sent a package last week that had two presents in it - they were both frames for a baby, one blue and one pink. We told them to open package number one - and everyone went crazy! :) So fun to hear over the phone! :) We wish we could have told them in person, but this was just as fun!

After that, we headed to my parents' house for dinner and my mom surprised us with this:

Isn't it cute??? We had everyone gather around my dad and he got to open the present that would tell them what it was. Here's a picture of what we got for my family:

We got stir sticks, a little paint roller and a can of baby blue paint. :)

First Dad pulled out paint stirrers, then a roller...next the can of paint.

I love their expressions when they find out! :) Poor Dad was the last to see! And we got to keep the blue gift bag from my parents. :) Afterward, we called my grandmother, a few friends and more family - I think everyone was pretty surprised! You have NO idea how many people had told me they thought we were having a girl!

Jon had told the teachers he works with that he would wear either a pink or blue shirt on Tuesday after we found out, so he wore a blue shirt we bought Monday. And Tuesday, Mom, Cayce and I went shopping and Mom is already spoiling our little man:

Poor baby! I don't think he'll have a thing to wear! :) We had so much fun shopping all the winter sales that are on right now! Jon came in and was like, "Holy cow, he has more clothes than I do!"

Thursday, Mom and I left very early in the morning for the Christian Writers Guild's annual conference. This year, it was held in Downtown Denver at the Grand Hyatt hotel. We just got home yesterday, which is why I am SO late in posting! It was such a busy weekend - CWG had us come out and help with the conference. I love the CWG conference - this was our 9th one!! Now, it's something like a family reunion. :)

I wish I'd gotten a few pictures of Mom and I and us with the CWG staff, but I did get one of me and my agent, Steve Laube:

(And yes, I'm wearing the same shirt I've worn for a few pictures now - what can I say? I'm still working on getting a variety of maternity clothes - most of the ones I wear are compliments of my mom. :) )

While I was there, though, I experienced one of the famed pregnancy symptoms that I had yet to experience - swollen ankles. I think it was because I was standing and walking around most of the day, but I've never seen my ankles look like that before! Weird.

And while we were gone, Jon painted the baby's room to a nice chocolate brown. Yay! I'll show pics of the room as we start making progress on it.

Current craving? Anything red meat. :)
Current food aversions? Chicken and eggs. This baby boy does not like his poultry, I guess!

Hope all of you had a fabulous week! What were you up to?

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