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How Sweet It Is

I am SO excited to think that at this time tomorrow, we will have known for several hours whether we are having a boy or a girl!

YAY!!! :)

We've got lots of big plans tomorrow on how we're going to tell our family and friends, but I will be sure to post here tomorrow night and let all of you know what the verdict is! :)

Please be praying for us - we are overwhelmingly excited, nervous, thrilled and terrified at the thought of being parents! I have been praying for God to give us wisdom and grace as we prepare for what is the biggest responsibility that Jon and I have ever handled together.

And...to those of you out there who are still "waiting for your Ryan", I know Valentine's Day can be a horrible reminder of how lonely you are - but I'm praying that you feel the huge arms of your heavenly Father today. :) If you are spending tonight with your Valentine, have fun! Don't take any moment of it for granted! :)

Have a wonderful night!!!

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