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Haircuts, Chiropractors and Snow

Today is a cold, dreary day and it's been snowing almost all day. But we've got little to show for it. Again. :( I think, if it's going to snow, it should snow. After we're all safe at home, of course.

I got my haircut yesterday and I took some before pics, but they aren't loading onto my computer for whatever reason. So, all I've got is the after pic. To give you an idea, I ended up getting about four inches cut off yesterday. My hair feels so much healthier! I've decided that long hair is just a hassle. And mine gets so tangled and yucky looking on the ends way too quickly.

Pardon the poor quality. I took it with my MacBook. Gotta love that Photo Booth application! You can't see much of it, but this is my glider that I got for Christmas from my mom and dad. I sit here almost every day to either write or read or catch up on the things I call "marketing strategies" but are really just Facebook and Twitter. :)

I am at 17.5 weeks today and Big News! I have felt the baby moving! :) YAY! It's the weirdest feeling EVER and nothing like I imagined it would feel like. Almost like a little thumping in my stomach. Very, very odd. Still, SO exciting and I can't wait until Jon is able to feel it!

Speaking of my dear husband, he went snowboarding this past weekend, as you guys know. Well, apparently somewhere halfway down a black diamond slope filled with moguls (bad news for snowboarders), he did something weird to his back. He could barely bend over on Monday, so he took a sick day and went to the chiropractor.

Chiropractors have the strangest jobs. This doctor wasn't a tiny guy, but he wasn't a big guy either and Jon is not small (you don't play football at a college level by being a little guy!). So, the doctor is almost jumping on Jon and Jon's making cracking noises all over and I'm standing in the corner not able to watch. Bleugh. I can't even stand it when someone cracks their knuckles, cracking a back is WAY worse. But, I was there because I've been to the chiropractor and unable to drive afterward. So, I was the designated driver.

Anyway. I think it's safe to say that I will not be going back to school for my chiropractic degree.

Did you guys watch American Idol or Chopped last night? Chopped was a rerun (boo!), but American Idol cracked both Jon and I up (wow - way too much cracking in this post). I normally don't start watching until the auditions are over and they are in Hollywood, but it was a good show last night. Though, I have to confess - I thought guest judge Victoria Beckham looked way too dark last night for it being February. I mean, I'm all for fake tanning (as most of us heavy-on-the-Swedish blooded girls are), but there needs to be some realism to the darkness of the tan, I think.

Hope you are having a great day today! I'm going to leave you with something I saw on Facebook today that had me giggling:

"Let's eat Grandma!" OR "Let's eat, Grandma!"
Punctuation saves lives.

Have a wonderful night! :)

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