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And it's Friday! :)

Not to ruin anyone's weekend, but Friday is SO CLOSE to Monday! Which will mean only one week until we find out! :)

I'm only a little bit excited. :)

Today was a good day! I got some mailing stuff taken care of at the post office, went to a store that carries previously owned maternity clothes and found nothing (sad), Wal-Mart and the Sunflower Market (love that store!).

We're spending Super Bowl Sunday with my parents and siblings and I decided we are going to make guacamole (because it sounds really good right now!) and brownies. Only these brownies are going to look like this:

Aren't they adorable? I saw them on the Betty Crocker website and just couldn't resist them! What are your plans for the game? Anything fun and exciting? And who are you rooting for? I'm not really tied to either team, but I've always been a Peyton Manning fan so I'm going to go for him in between mouthfuls of guacamole and brownies. :)

Tomorrow, we've got a birthday party for a little guy in our Bible study. He's turning the Big 2, so of course we're going to live it up a little bit for him! :) I just love little kid birthday parties! We went to another little boy's 1st birthday party a couple of weeks ago. All of the other kids were trying to get in on the unwrapping. Hilarious! It's even more fun for me and Jon because we get to just sit back with our content, just-barely-kicking-in-there child and watch all the parents go crazy trying to corral and feed their kids.

It's entertaining. :) We have great examples of parenthood in our circle of friends. I love, love, LOVE our Bible study!! :)

Well, tonight is Friday which means we're having leftovers from this week for dinner. And since they sound so good right now, I might have to toss a couple of baked potatoes in the oven too. :)

If you're in the northeast part of the country, I hope you are bundling up! Stay warm out there, everyone! And have a fabulous Super Bowl weekend!

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