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Snowy Days

We woke up this morning to snow and it's been snowing ever since. I guess we're supposed to get a couple of inches today.

So, I am going to stay home in my sweatpants, I think. :) My car is not, by any means, a snow car. Which is fine. I have laundry and some cleaning to do today. Fun day ahead! :P

I've been getting asked a lot (and asking Jon a lot!) whether we think it is a boy or a girl. I know all these people who told me they just knew which one it is. At this point, the only thing I know is it's one or the other. :) I honestly have no idea! I wish I did, because all kinds of adorable winter outfits are on sale right now! :)

I got a welcome surprise from my editor the other day and I just had to share it with you!

This is the cover for the third in the Maya Davis series. I'm SO excited for you guys to meet her! April seems like so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it! Here are the other two book covers (Cool Beans is the first in the series):

I'm so excited! As of right now, I believe the release dates are April 1st, July and October (I don't have definite dates on the second two). And since Cool Beans is coming out in April, I think we might just have to have a little contest soon to win an autographed copy of it. :) Yay!

Well, my laundry and day of cleaning and organizing is waiting for me. :)

Stay warm out there!

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