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Motivation or Stumbling Block?

For the past three months, I have done nearly nothing physical. Right around the time we found out we were pregnant, I did really good at walking twice a day (I was doing the 30 Day Shred prior to that and ooo... could not keep that up!). Then the morning sickness hit hard, the temperature dropped very low outside and I just sat on the couch all day long.

I seriously think I've worked out maybe twice in the last six weeks.

UNTIL yesterday! I got a prenatal workout DVD a couple of weeks back and yesterday, I started the 2nd trimester workout. It's really low-key - I never broke a sweat. But I did get out of breath and I downed three glasses of water during that hour. So, apparently it's doing something! Either that or I am in WAY worse shape than I thought I was! (I really liked the workout, so I'm posting a picture of it - if you are or are going to be pregnant, try this workout!)

And just to add to my motivation to work out, I made a big batch of marble squares (for those of you unfamiliar with this heavenly dessert, it's like a chocolate swirled cookie but in brownie form....YUM!). I had to work out before I could eat one. I think that's pretty good motivation, don't you? :)

This Friday I'm going to post one of those infamous pregnant stomach pictures - though I'll warn you guys - at this point, I just look chubby! I keep waiting for someone to make some remark about laying off the Krispy Kremes. :P

A couple of people have asked me if we are going to find out what we're having and the answer is YES. We cannot wait!!! Our doctor's office is making us wait until the 20th week to find out (and they are also doing a 3D ultrasound then). I'm hoping we can convince them to let us find out a little earlier. We have a favorite name already for both a boy and a girl - we'll see if they keep being the favorites!

And to answer other questions about any food aversions or cravings, I haven't had a cup of caffeinated coffee since last June. Shock and awe, I know! I did try decaf for a little while, but I gave that up after a couple of weeks. There's just no bright side to getting up in the mornings now. I think my taste buds have changed a little bit because it just doesn't taste the same.

I now hate cooked eggs. The smell, the texture, the taste. I have to leave the room when someone is eating them. And after two unfortunate endings to pizza nights, I've given that up until the queasiness stops all together. Though that still looks really good and I've been missing my pizza nights! I'm not too fond of chicken, but I'll eat it.

I've mourned the coffee one for a while. And for the past eight or so weeks when the morning sickness has been really bad, I lost all my taste for sweet things. So, those marble squares are pretty much the first dessert I've made for me and Jon since I got pregnant. And let me tell you - they tasted SO good! I think my sweet tooth is back which is wonderful! :) I was having to eat popcorn for dessert and as much as I love popcorn, it is just not the same thing as chocolate.

I got quite a bit of writing done yesterday and the goal is to get the same amount or more done today. Maybe I can use the whole marble square as motivation for that too? :)

Have a great Wednesday!

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