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The Big Scary Needles

I had to get blood drawn Friday.

If by any chance there is a nurse reading this blog who had to, along with three of her fellow nurses, hold down a 5-year-old blond girl during a round of shots about 20 years ago, I'm really, really sorry. And Mom, I'm also going to apologize to you - I'm sure that you got many a dirty look thanks to me.

Sorry about that.

I'm still not too fond of needles.

But, I made it through getting my blood drawn with minimal screaming. :) Actually, no screaming and the sting wasn't too bad either. I want the lady who drew my blood Friday to do it every time I need it done now. She was awesome. Quick, fairly painless and I was on my way with a purple stretchy bandage thing wrapped around my elbow.

We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again and we've got a nice strong one on our hands. And, this baby has officially popped - I'm most definitely showing now! I had big plans to take the 16-week picture about six times this weekend, but every time my makeup was on and hair was decent, I wasn't around a camera. So, you get this picture:

This is me - sweatpants and all. And this is a pre-pregnancy shirt, as you can tell. It's getting to be a bit small. And no, I didn't get my face in there and that's on purpose. :)

When did you moms first feel your baby move?

We get to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl on February 15th and I'm SO excited I can hardly stand it! Jon and I have been talking about this for weeks and it's only three weeks away. Yay! :) We already know exactly how we're going to tell our families, so I'll have to come up with some cute way of letting all of you know on here as well. :) And we have a few names picked out, but nothing set in stone, so I'm going to keep them quiet until we know for sure! It's seems like such a huge responsibility to name this baby! But, God already knows exactly how many hairs will be on this baby's head (I might know the answer to that one too - zero), and He also knows what his/her name will be. :) That's a comforting thought!

Have you guys seen previews for When In Rome? I think that looks so cute! I really want to go see that (plus, you really can't beat movie theater popcorn!).

I'm getting my hair cut next week (thank goodness!) and it's been a long time coming. I'm thinking I might go back to somewhere around shoulder-length. :) It's just SO much easier than having long, straggly hair like my is right now. We'll see though! I always get to my hairdresser's and chicken out right at the last minute.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! :)

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