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13 Weeks :)

First off, I want to apologize for how infrequently I've been blogging lately. It's been due to two things mostly - 1) My February 1st Deadline and, 2) I've been pretty sick with this little one so I haven't really done all that much that is interesting to blog about! I figure most of you don't want to hear about me throwing up, napping and sitting with my laptop while sipping ginger ale. :)

Then add in Christmas and TONS of family being in town and it just makes it that much harder! :) So, I do apologize and I really hope that in the next few weeks I'll be feeling better and have tons more energy.

Last Friday marked my 13th week and so I'm now in my 2nd trimester. I had a long chat with the baby on Friday and let him/her know that they were no longer allowed to make me sick since morning sickness is only supposed to last through the 1st trimester.

Well, we are going to have a stubborn child because he/she did not listen. :)

And, in other news, we got to hear the heartbeat last Thursday! It's perfect and SO fast - it was around 160 beats per minute, so I couldn't help myself... You know how they have those gender predictions based on the heartbeat? I heard they are complete old wives' tales, but it's still fun! Those of you who have had babies, did you see any correlation between the heartbeat and the gender?

I only have a few more words in my deadline! SO CLOSE! I have been itching to get back to writing after the Christmas break so I can be done! I have big plans for after the deadline is met - which lately those plans have consisted of daily naps and reading a few books. I know, I know - I lead the MOST interesting life ever. :)

Did any of you make New Years Resolutions? I don't usually because I never remember what I resolved to do, but this year I want to be good about working out (especially now - I've heard it's so beneficial for the baby. I'm hoping the sickness stops so I can feel good enough too!). I know that's everyone's New Year's Resolution, so it's not too original. I'm also going to try and focus on being a better Christian and a better wife - I've been SO selfish these last few weeks and focusing only on me and how I feel when I need to remember that it is GOD who gave us this miracle! And keeping my priorities straight needs to start now - even before this little one is interfering with my marriage and my relationship with God. :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! And for those of you who go back to work or school tomorrow, keep your chins up! Summer is just around the corner! :)


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