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Our First Appointment and The Winner!

Congrats to Andrea on winning the backpack! I've sent you an email! :)

Wednesday was a day that I was SO excited for, SO nervous about and SO a combination of every possible emotion! Wednesday was our first doctor appointment.

Jon got off work that afternoon and came with me to the office. We sat there nervously for at least thirty minutes before we were finally called back and asked every possible question about our medical history that there was! Then, we met our doctor, Dr. Gordon, who is hilarious and immediately put us right to ease.

He told us that if we have a boy, and if he's still coaching basketball, he would call us in about twelve years and recruit (pictures just don't give a good idea of height, but Jon is 6'2" and I'm 5'7". Our kid is not going to be the short one, I have a feeling!).

Then, we finally got to the main event - the ultrasound!

Oh, you guys, it was the best moment of my life so far! I know I'm incredibly biased, but that little snow-cloud is the cutest one I have ever seen! We got to see his/her little heart beating away and he/she was kicked back on their back, feet up, just enjoying life. We got four pictures to keep (which are now on our fridge!) and those few minutes watching our baby move around were just amazing.

Our "official" estimated due date is July 9, 2010. I guess our little one is measuring a tiny bit long, but Dr. Gordon said that is to be expected with how tall we are. Everything looks perfect and normal! Our next appointment is in four weeks and we'll get to hear the heartbeat then. So, now I can't wait!

So exciting! God is so good! :)

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