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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


I finally have ALL of my Christmas decorations up! Yay! (And no - that's not really my tree! I'll try to post some real pictures a little later - everything always looks more magical when the lights are on and it's all dark outside.) The only thing left is Jon needs to put the lights on the outside of the house - but considering we're having freezing cold wind gusts strong enough to blow someone off the ladder today, I'm perfectly happy with an unlit house. :)

Tonight was supposed to be our night to get some Christmas shopping done, but like I said, freezing cold wind gusts. We'll probably try to go anyway and just bundle up. I'm thinking this is all just a better reason to run by Starbucks during our shopping trip, don't you? :)

I bought some new candles and new Glade air freshener plug-in things last week and let me tell you - not to brag or anything, but my house smells SO good right now! I love when all the holiday scents come out! I really should just stock up so my house smells like Christmas all year long, but as of right now, I haven't done that. Although, it might take some of the specialness (not sure if that's really a word) away from the season if I had the smell of it all year.

I got to meet an old friend for lunch today - so fun! Her son is a year old and just adorable! Afterward, I ran by my parent's house and visited with my mom and sister for a little bit. Now, I'm procrastinating on my deadline and blogging instead. :) I'm sitting here with a GIANT cup of steaming hot spiced tea (my most favorite drink of the season!) and I was just looking around my living room and feeling all Christmasy. So, I thought I'd spread the feeling!

I hope you are all taking time to relax and enjoy this Christmas!

P.S. I follow a blog by a woman named Angie Smith and she's written a post that I think is just heart-tugging! So, I'm going to post the link here. Please check out this ministry - I think it would be a wonderful way to give this Christmas!

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