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Winner, Winner and Chicken Dinners :)

Are Emily and Maggie!

I've sent you both emails! Congratulations! :)

It has been SO cold here lately! We woke up to the lightest dusting of snow on Sunday but didn't get anymore (even though the clouds look all geared up for it). So, it was a lazy, lazy weekend. We watched movies and football with my parents and siblings (have you guys seen Up? SO cute - I loved it!).

I've been trying to come up with dinner all day today using only what I've got in my pantry and freezer, but everything I think of I'm missing one ingredient. So, I'm thinking maybe some kind of chicken soup - can't you put almost everything in that? My problem is I love watching the Food Network and I keep seeing all these other dinners that sound so much better than soup! I need to stop watching that channel for the sake of my budget, I think!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you have any special traditions that you always do? How about foods that you always make?

My favorite part of Thanksgiving?? Here's a hint:

I'm sure you've guessed it by this point (and if you read my blog at all you've known this for a while) - My favorite part of Thanksgiving is that Christmas is next! :)

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