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What We're Thankful For :)

As I sit down to write this post, I'm just filled with so much gratefulness. This year had its fair share of ups and downs, but more than anything, as I look back at it, I'm amazed at God's faithfulness.

We started the year with a fairly new house (new to us at least!), a new puppy and less than one year of marriage under our belt.

Now, we can't believe we've already been in our house for more than a year, we have a goofy one-year-old dog who always keeps us entertained and we're already planning what we want to do for our two-year anniversary in March.

We've gotten involved in a new church, we've taken trips to visit family out of town, we've done the puppy-potty-training thing (with success - thank goodness!), we've seen old friends and made new ones.

And in October, we said goodbye to my grandfather. But - weeping does only last for a night, and joy does come in the morning. Or in our case, a few days later.

I noticed that I didn't feel quite right while we were in Missouri for Tapa's funeral. But, I attributed it mostly to the roller coaster of emotions I was feeling at the time. We got home late, late Tuesday night and so as I dragged myself through the next few days, I decided the tiredness was because of the lack of sleep.

But then the weekend came and I still felt exhausted - even after sleeping in. And Monday morning came and I just knew. Something wasn't quite normal.

So... I decided to take a test. And after five months of getting a "not now" from God, we got this:

We are so overwhelmed with how great our God is! I am almost nine weeks along and I'm due July 9th. My first doctor appointment is next week. And while I was hesitant to post anything until after the appointment, I truly believe that God is good - regardless of what happens there.

Please join Jon and me in praying for this little one!

Love to you all!

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