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This Week's Contest!

I love contests!

This week I decided to do something along the lines of this...

I'm giving away TWO copies to TWO random winners! The same rules apply from last week - Leave a comment and join my newsletter! If you've already signed up for my newsletter, that is awesome - please leave a comment! Be sure to include your name and email address (once again, if you want to avoid spammers, leave it like this: erynnmangum-@-gmail.com).

In other news, I have no other news. :( I have spent most of my days on the couch or at my desk trying to make my February 1st deadline. So, life hasn't been too exciting lately.

Today is a cold, cloudy day that looks like it wants to snow so badly, but it's not. So sad!

What have you guys been up to the last few days? Anything fun?

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