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All That I Can Say

I love Christmas. I love all the holiday season, really. From October on, I'm pretty much the giddiest person in the room. I love when the weather gets colder, when the nights get darker, when you have to huddle beneath a blanket with a steaming mug between your hands to stay warm.

I love the decorations. I love how easy it is to share the love of Christ during this time of year. Even if you are one of those people where evangelizing is not your spiritual gift, you can still invite a coworker or friend to church just by mentioning the word "Christmas."

And they come. Because it's Christmas.

It's wonderful. It's special. It's a blessed time of year.

But maybe you aren't feeling so blessed this year. Maybe, this has been one of the hardest years of your life. Maybe you've been faced with temptations that felt like they had no escape, maybe you've had to walk through valleys that seemed to never end, maybe the earlier darkening of the skies only reminds you more of the darkness in your life. Every breath feels forced, every step you take feels like you're sinking that much more.

Christmas, for you, is not a time for giddiness.

Hold on to this hope, my sweet friend. Every day when you feel alone, every moment you feel your heart breaking, every tear that slips down your cheek is seen and felt and cared about by your heavenly Dad. And He doesn't just watch helplessly - a long time ago at Christmas He came to put an end to those tears. Maybe not quite yet - but trust that there will be a day when every tear will be gently wiped away by Jesus Christ.

I found this video that someone put together on YouTube and I just wanted to share it today. If you're having a downer day - whether you're going through serious heartbreak, a rough patch, or even if it's just the thought of finals on the horizon - watch and remember.

Christ is holding you. He's never left you alone and He never will.

Love to you all,

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