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Thinking Spot

My church has been spending the last few weeks in Luke. I have to confess something - I never tend to go toward the gospels when it comes to my daily reading. I love Psalms, I love the New Testament letters, I love Isaiah.

But, oh wow, is Luke amazing!

We've been especially studying Mary in the last few weeks, since she is one of the main players in the first few chapters. Scholars think she was in junior high when the angel told her that God picked her to be the mother of His Son. She was dirt poor, engaged, and in those days, a woman who got pregnant out of wedlock could be dragged to the middle of the town and beaten as an example to everyone else.

And yet, Mary only says, "May it be done to me according to your word." She goes and visits her relative, Elisabeth, who is pregnant with John the Baptist. And then Mary sings this amazing song of praise.

Praise. When she could have been and probably was ridiculed and humiliated for being about 13 or 14, unmarried and pregnant.

Worship. When she was not only having to deal with having a baby and all the worry that goes along with that, but this wasn't just any baby. This was God's Son! Talk about pressure!

Needless to say, I've been feeling convicted. This girl who was ten years younger than me has been putting me to shame. The smallest thing happens in my life and what do I do? Worry. Fret. Pace around all anxiously while I forget that God is God.

And I am not.

So, I'm going to take a few lessons from Mary. Hard times, good times, sad times and ecstatically happy times, I want to respond with praise and worship.

Pastor Mark said last week that the best way to overcome worry is with worship. Because God is good all the time. And He has a plan that He's working out. All the time. So I will worship.

Will you join me? :)

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