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A Busy Weekend


Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday (and yes, before you start counting, I think that between me, Jon and our combined families, we have every single month covered - some doubled and tripled up!). She and my mom flew in last night and Nama is going to stay with them for a while.

I'm so glad! I know everyone thinks their grandma is the best grandma ever, but seriously. Mine is definitely the best. :) She's hilariously funny. She tells some of the best stories ever. Some of my favorite memories are tied to her and my grandpa. We have some of the greatest conversations - she's so full of Godly wisdom about marriage and families and has lots of great advice and recipes. I love her so much!

So, I'm excited to hang out with her this week. And she brought my favorite stuff in the whole word (her homemade pear preserves!!!) with her. Jon and I finished off a jar of that in two days. It's that good.

We are going to celebrate my mom and grandma's birthdays tonight and I'm pretty excited about the gifts we got them. I love giving gifts. It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love trying to figure out what they would like and then seeing the look on their face when they open it. Like, for example, I already know what I'm getting Jon for his birthday (and I won't post it here because he reads this blog on occasion. Probably to make sure I'm not telling all our secrets. :) )

Tomorrow, me and two of my sweet friends are throwing a baby shower for another one of our friends (I cannot believe we're old enough for babies!). They came over and helped me bake enough cupcakes to feed a small army today. My whole house smells like cake and icing (no complaints here!).

I wanted to put up a few pictures that I haven't put up yet. These are of Josh and Lily when they came to visit a few weeks ago. I think you'll be able to pick out their personalities based on these. :) Also, my sister-in-law has started a home business making the most adorable little baby bows. These, though, are my personal favorites of the bunch. ;)

Which reminds me, if any of you have businesses that you run online, be sure to leave the web address in the comments section! I'd love to help support you guys any way I can. :)

Kody meeting Lily for the first time. I love this picture!

A better shot :)

Can we say "mischievous smile"?

Doing what Josh loves best...Running!

Ashlee's handiwork...aren't they too cute? :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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