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Installation, Schminstallation

Here something you did not need to know about me and Jon: We love carpet.

Yes, yes, I'm quite aware that it is completely and utterly out of style. I've heard about its allergenic-nature, its propensity to stain and how some people just can't stand the look of it.

But, I love it. I love getting out of bed in the morning and your toes just sinking into the nice warm fuzzies right there.

For the last almost-year, Jon and I have been living in a house with zero carpet. We have one 5x7 area rug that is in the living room (and truth be told, was incredibly cheap and therefore not comfortable). Everywhere else is tile. And it's beautiful tile. It's easy to take care of and it was super nice when Kody was being potty-trained.

When I get up in the morning though, and my feet hit icy cold rock...Or when Kody is shedding like crazy and instead of the fur just staying where it was so I can vacuum it up, it floats across the floor avoiding the vacuum... Or how I can vacuum, sweep and mop and twenty minutes later, there's again an invisible coating of dust on the floor...

I'm SO ready for carpet.

We've been having some mis-communication with our installer, but it does look like we're getting carpet put in today and tomorrow. Which means that my house is a complete and utter disaster. Everything is either stacked in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room or in the garage. And it has to stay like this for tonight and tomorrow.


I told Jon we're putting our coupons we've been saving for dinner out to good use tonight. AND on top of that wonderful news (I love eating out!), I also have a coupon for a buy-one-get-one free at Seattle's Best Coffee inside Borders! Can we say a Hot Chocolate Trio (bestest hot chocolate in the whole world)? It's been the most perfect weather for hot chocolate lately - cold, cold, cold! We have officially entered long-sleeve weather. I'm so happy!

Jon and I got some pictures taken with Kody the other day by our fabulous photographer, Sarah Eastwood. And she said I could share them with you! The ones of just me are for my new author pictures. I think I like number 10 the best for that. What do you think? Number 21 has mine and Jon's vote for our Christmas picture this year. And please excuse Kody. He looks goofy in most of them. :) And the ones where he appears to be attacking me? I think he thought "Smile Kody!" to mean, "It's time to wrestle!"

Here's the link! Be sure to let me know what you think okay? :)

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