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Brain Drizzle

As gross as the title sounds, no, I am not going to discuss horror movies today. ;)

Actually, I've been thinking over some different plot ideas I've had. They haven't been serious enough thoughts for an actual brain storm, more like a light sprinkle. Thus the title of this blog.

For those writers out there, how do you create plots? We're talking about creating characters over at Scribble Chicks and it's just got me thinking about how many, many ways there are to get your creative juices flowing!

Like, for example, I know people who are inspired to creativity by a long shower or a hot bath. I've never been one for baths (unless I'm sick. The water gets too cold too quickly for my taste), but I love a good, long, blistering hot shower. I'd like to say I get inspired in the shower just as an excuse to stay in there longer, but sadly, I don't. Usually, my mind is a complete and utter blank in there. I blame it on the combination of steam and guava-peach scented bodywash.

Or, I know people who get inspired by listening to big, dramatic soundtracks. Problem for me: I'm not a fan of big, dramatic soundtracks. I'm a jumper. If a cymbal clashes in a movie, I pop off that couch so high you can fit a phone book in the space between my tush and the cushion. So, I'm think there wouldn't be inspiration as much as just perspiration if I tried that approach. (I can just see myself getting this permanent twitch anytime I came near my laptop.)

I tend to want only three things when I'm chewing over an idea: 1) A quiet house, 2) A lot of time and 3) Chocolate. This combination has worked time and again, but you never know how well something else might work until you try it, right? I'm all about mild change being a good thing!

So, your turn! Writer or not, how do you get inspired?


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