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Big YAY!!!

Yesterday was my long day at work, because on Wednesdays, I work mornings and afternoons (unlike the rest of the week where it's just mornings). And trust me. It was long. The kids were going absolutely crazy! This job has given me a whole different respect for teachers, so if you're a teacher, then my hat is off to you - you guys are absolutely amazing.

I came home and told Jon that if I had his job (he's a fourth grade special ed teacher), I would not live through the first month of school. None of the kids were listening at all yesterday. When I got home, I told Kody to sit, he sat and I told Jon we might just have to stick with dogs. No kids.

Just kidding. :) Jon and I are too crazy about little kids to not have any of our own. Sheesh, we even treat Kody like he's our kid. I think that's part of Kody's problems. :)

I was so tired and cranky after work yesterday that I drove straight to the store and bought two bags of coffee and two bags of chocolate chips. I made an awesome chili for dinner, since it's been kind of rainy and drizzly outside lately, and then I made chocolate chip cookies.

AND THEN... I got the bestest email ever!! :) I just found out that NavPress signed the third novel in the Cool Beans series! Yay!! :)

So, Cool Beans will release Spring 2010, Latte Daze will release Summer 2010 and now Double Shot (tentative title. We'll see what it ends up becoming!!) will release Fall 2010. I'm SO excited!

I've got a new deadline of February 1st and so I had better get busy writing away here very soon! :)

Also, I thought I'd show you what I did the other day. I went to Michaels and ALL of their fall stuff is on sale. I bought a grapevine wreath for $1.89, a cranberry colored ribbon for $2.99, two mixed fall daisy bouquets for $0.99 each and two little scarecrow people for $1.49 each and this is what I came up with:

It was SO easy! It seriously took me about ten minutes. First, I wrapped the whole wreath with the ribbon and tied a bow. Then, I cut the bouquet apart, wove the individual stems through the grapevine and added the little scarecrow people.

I think they are so cute! :)

Don't these colors just scream fall? This was so much fun to make - totally helped me soothe my "I Must Decorate SOMETHING" feelings I was having! And, it was way cheaper than buying one of the premade wreaths at the store.

Here's Kody watching me take pictures of the wreath. Poor dog. I think he might be easily confused. :)

I'm SO excited about the new book! I cannot wait to share Maya's story with you!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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