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We're talking about how we get started on new writing projects this week on Scribble Chicks! Check it out here!

In other news (probably a bad word choice for what I'm about to tell you), here's my list of what's happening in my life:

1) Have not had a haircut since January. Called to make a haircut appointment and was told the earliest I could get in was September 18. Anyone know ways to disguise horrific spit ends? Besides the Princess Leia Cinnabon thing?

2) Kody is going through what Siberian Husky people call "blowing his coat". Basically, it means all that fluffy undercoat he had is now floating through my house, clinging to my carpet and piled on his puppy pillow. I had no idea a dog could shed so much and still have so much fur left.

3) Jon and I have been a one-car family and looking for another car for going on three weeks. My question directed toward a certain Car Salesman: Next time someone calls about a car, could you please let them know it was a theft recovery car before they drive across town to see it? And that the stereo is a faint memory in the battered dash, the headrests are gone, and that no, the overhead light is not on so don't try to turn it off - that is definitely blood smeared on there. BLEUGH!!! Purell was my best friend that day.

So, there's my news for this last week! How about you guys? :)

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