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A Blustery Day

These past two days have just been "off" days for me. Maybe it's the slightly cloudy weather, maybe it's the allergens clogging the fall air (ugh), maybe it's just getting back on a routine.

But oy.

I've been sleepy, unproductive, grouchy and sneezy. And whatever else all the rest of the dwarfs were named. I hate days like these. The smallest thing ticks me off for days, getting out of bed feels like the tallest hurdle I'll ever have to cross.

Just kind of bleugh.

Does anyone else ever have these kinds of days? I think Winnie the Pooh labeled them as "blustery" days, but then again, he was also seeing Heffalumps and Woozles and I'm just seeing a husky who is shedding SO much he looks like he has the mange.

Jon and I have been a one-car family for almost a month now. And I must say - I am learning a TON about being thankful for what we have! We sold Jon's old car to try and find something a little newer and with fewer miles. But, that search has kind of eluded us. I think you never fully realize what you have until it's gone.

So, in the spirit of cheering myself up, I'm going to post a list of things I've recently become thankful for:

* Washing machine & dryer
* Running water
* Internet
* Food to eat
* Daisies that lived for one month (but are now brown and need to be tossed)
* Hands that work
* Chocolate.
* Dog brushes that control shedding as much as possible
* Our vacuum cleaner
* A surprise call from my hairstylist who said she can get me in tomorrow
* Those little rolling tape things that trap lint and fur
* Canned peaches
* Toothpaste

I'll keep thinking about the rest of my list today. In the meantime though, what are things you haven't taken the time to be thankful for?

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. And I might just start my rejoicing with a cup of hot chocolate. It is a blustery day, after all. :)

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