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An Interview with Sandra Byrd

Good morning!

So, I do realize there has been a delay in my blogging - so sorry! I was on a lake in San Antonio frying off the top layer of my skin. :)

I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Sandra Byrd! She's one of the most talented Christian fiction writers I know. She's primarily known for her teen girls' series, but her debut adult novels, Let Them Eat Cake and Bon Appetit are fabulous (I'm just waiting for the third installment to finally come out!) :) She's a mentor for the Christian Writers Guild, and if you have the chance to go to one of the conferences, be sure to look her up!

Onto the interview!

Erynn: Why did you decide to write fiction?

Sandra: I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six years old. When you’re six years old, writing only means fiction books. I loved the Bobbsey Twins books so much that I wanted to write some, too. I’ve never written about twins (yet!) but I do love writing. I hope I write books that people want to read over and over, and that provoke anticipation for the next title.

I also wanted to be a waitress (and I was!) and a hair stylist. No one will let me near them with scissors or trimmers after a few bad experiments. I guess I’ll stick with writing books.

Erynn: How do you usually get ideas?

Sandra: All of my ideas come from my own life or the lives of those around me. I love France, and all things French, and baking. And many of the girls I’d written for years ago kept in touch with their “quarter life crisis” issues, to all of those elements came together in the French Twist series. I’m writing a series about a girl who moves to London right now. I love London, and I moved a lot as a girl. When I wrote the Friends for a Season series, I’d been hearing from a lot of girls who felt like non-BFF for life friendships weren’t worth it, and I wanted to refute that.

Erynn: Do you ever have problems finishing a book or an idea? How do you overcome that?

Sandra: I am an evangelistic outline writer, so I never have a problem finishing the book because I always know where I’m going. But my hard part is writing and finishing the outline! I find if I do some creative things, like listen to music, cook, or visit art museums, and also some brainless things, like clean my cupboards, the ideas all come together eventually. It’s like having a baby. Pushing too much too soon and working against your body only makes a painful mess. Just let the idea birth itself in time, too.

Erynn: Are there any books on writing that have helped you?

Sandra: I like Jack Bickham’s Scene and Sequel, and I like Michael Hague’s The Hero’s Two Journeys.

Erynn: What's your favorite part of writing? Your least favorite part of writing?

Sandra: My favorite part is writing the book after the outline is done. My least favorite part is writing the outline.

Erynn: How do you take your coffee? :)

Sandra: Oh, depends on the day. Vanilla latte is my standard. White Chocolate Cherry Mocha if I’m feeling celebratory. Black drip if I need to get into a pair of jeans.


Thanks so much Sandra!

I hope you all have noticed how unique each writer is. I asked each author the same questions and notice how differently everyone answered them. Some outline. Some don't. Some read tons of books on writing. Some don't read any. Some love the writing process, some love the editing process.

You are going to be just as unique! Maybe you love to outline - don't stop doing it because someone like me comes along and says outlining is about as much fun as picking squashed cherry tomoatoes out of horse hooves (never done it, sounds nasty). Be yourself. Let your writing be a reflection of you.

Tomorrow is the Q&A, so be sure to post your questions!

Love ya lots!

Erynn :)

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