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To the Mailbox...In my PJs...

Okay, they weren't technically my PJs, but they were about as close as they can get (but, I was wearing a bra. Important difference). I probably should be more like them, but I'm not one of those girls who puts on jeans and makeup and styles her hair before she goes out to stick a letter in the mailbox (and our box is even across the street in one of those combined lock-box things. They say they're safer. I say they aren't as convenient). I do put on jeans and makeup when I go to the grocery store though. Mostly. Always mascara. Usually. :)

ANYWAYS... Things have been sort of slower around here. Poor Jon has been dealing with a woman going through a post-PMS mood swing (I swear, PMS has to be part of the curse on Adam. I look back at some of the things I've burst into tears about and gotten frustrated about and if I were married to myself, I'd have a hard time living with me. Um...yeah...). So, I've been trying to chill out.

I think I've caught on to something: When I'm not being constant in my walk with God, I've noticed my general attitude around this time of the month isn't something to put on a pedestal. When I am plugged into the Word and my prayer life is amazing, I don't seem to have too many issues that resemble mad cow disease. :)

So, I've been reading my Bible more, praying more and decided the only other thing I could see helping too is shopping. So, I went shopping. Granted, it was at Wal-Mart (we're on a budget), but I figured, "Hey. Wal-Mart is trying to compete with Target in the clothing aspect, so I should have lots of options."

Well, they might be trying to compete, but it's not for someone my shape. It was either too short, too big, too small or too icky. My cousin is getting married in three days, so I was hoping to find something cute and summery to wear to her lakeside wedding.

Didn't happen. I'm going to look again today (not at Wal-Mart) so we'll see. Does anyone else have this problem of always being able to find hundreds of amazing things when you don't have the money and never being able to find anything when you specifically need something? Frustrating! I think my new goal is to get on What Not To Wear so I can have $5000 to spend on new clothes (I guess if I keep wearing PJ-lookalikes in public, I won't have a problem getting on the show).

I'm onto the second book in the Maya series with a deadline of August 1st. Hoping to finish it sometime the end of June, though! This summer is going to be busy and I don't want to stress the whole month of July. Cool Beans just finished the first round of editing. Yay!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! I'm going to post a few more pictures of my new niece and my adorable nephew - can anyone tell I'm a proud aunt? :)


Erynn :)

So tiny!

Beautiful baby

Our inquisitive Josh! He's hilarious! :)

The most adorable family :)


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