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The Perfect Guy


I was cleaning out some papers the other day and ran across some mementos from when Jon and I were dating. It seems like a really long time ago! I was remembering the first time I met Jon (he seemed so shy - Jon is NOT shy), our first date (lunch became a four-hour event)... lots of fun memories!

I remember feeling half-excited and half-scared-out-of-my-mind the longer we dated. What if he was the guy I was supposed to marry? What if he wasn't? How was I supposed to know this?

A long time ago, my friend Kaitlin and I wrote up this huge long list of all these qualities we wanted in our future husbands (I consider this list future blackmail for Kaitlin now). :) Some of it was serious - i.e. "Strong Christian". Most of it wasn't - i.e. "Coffee Drinker". (Actually, that one was serious. :)

The List had been buried in my desk for a while when Jon and I started dating, but there were a few things on there that stuck with me as I started trying to decide if this was the man for me. I wanted a guy whose walk with Christ wasn't just words. I wanted someone who had a sense of humor, who liked spending time with me, who fit in with my family and someone who had a family I could fit into as well. :)

I wanted a guy who wouldn't compromise his morals, but would compromise when I picked a chick-flick instead of an action movie for Movie Nights. I wanted a guy who was fun to talk to, interesting to listen to and who wasn't afraid to show affection in public.

God definitely blessed me with everything I wanted, needed and more. :)

So, this trip down memory lane got me wondering: What is it you guys are looking for or did look for in your future husbands? :)

Hope you are having a great day!

Erynn :)


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