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Welcome to 2009!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful past two weeks! Jon and I have kept extremely busy - our visit to California was awesome and we had so much fun hanging out with the O’Brien side of the family. And…we even got a white Christmas! I loved getting to know my in-laws more. My little nephew, Josh, is the cutest little guy ever. He’s a little older than a year and learning to talk. So much fun! I realized out there how much I take for granted - it is such a HUGE blessing to have two amazing families who both love Christ.

After Christmas, we came home and picked up our little puppy, Kody. He’s such a good dog! He’s already learned to sit and we’re working on the housebreaking. And, our amazing breeder got him started on crate training so he’s sleeping through the night. He’s still a cuddle bug, but the more he warms up to us, the more hyper he gets. :) We have a busy few months on our hands as we get through the puppy stage! He’s already bonded with Jon - when Jon left this morning for work, Kody wouldn’t leave his spot cuddling on Jon’s shoes.

This week, I start work on the second book in Maya’s series. I’m excited to see where it goes!

Here’s a few snapshots of our last two weeks:


Our white Christmas!


Jon’s brother, Allen, his wife Vicky, Jon and myself playing ping pong


Jon and his dad


Cutest family ever! This is Jon’s brother Tommy, his wife Ashlee and their son, Josh.


Tommy and Jon’s mom, Connie. Nice camera face, Tommy :)


My nephew, Josh. “I can’t put down my arms!”


Jon and Kody cuddling on the kitchen floor


Sweet puppy. This was taken at my parents. He was a tired guy!

Have a wonderful week back into your routines, everyone!


Erynn :)

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