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Details, Details, Details


Okay! I've got the final details for the Christian Book Expo at the Dallas Convention Center this weekend and I am SO excited to get to meet some of you in person!!

I'll be signing Miss Match at the Christian Writers Guild's booth (#913), on Saturday, March 21st, from 11:00AM to 12:00PM.

The first 25 people in line will get a FREE personalized, autographed copy! After those 25, though, books will be $5 each (also personalized and autographed). That's still $8 off the retail price!

I'm also giving away the entire Lauren Holbrook Series in a very cute pink basket. I'll be raffling this off and drawing the winner at the end of the hour.

So, be sure to get there early for your free book and the chance to win the whole series!

For more info about registering, etc., check out the Christian Book Expo's website at www.christianbookexpo.com.

I'm so excited about this weekend! See you there!

Erynn :)


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