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Dear Jon

*Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I didn't quite get to it. I'll put up pics from our 1st anniversary soon! :) *

Dear Jon,

One year ago today, you and I vowed in front of God, our family and our friends, to love, honor and cherish each other until death parted us. I remember the excitement of getting ready, the nervous butterflies as Mom helped me into my dress, the ninety-six bobby pins holding my veil in place. :)

I can't imagine being happier than I am right now. You are the brightest part of my day, the sweetest, most genuine man I know and the person I have the most fun with. With you, I'm never afraid of being just me, I'm never scared about what will happen next, I'm never worried that a day will come when what we have will end. Since our marriage is based on God, we have all of eternity together. I can't wait!

I love how the last thing you do when you leave for work is tell me you love me and the first thing you do when you get home is kiss me. I love your protective streak, your goofy sense of humor, and the way you still romance me. I love how you spend those few extra minutes cuddling with me with the morning, how you're always up for hunkering down under a blanket while watching a movie, how you reach for my hand whenever we're walking together.

Nothing I can ever do or say will ever come close to expressing how much I love you, Jonathan O'Brien. And you know the awesome part? As amazing as this year has been, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come!

So all this to say: I kinda like you, Jon. :).

I love you,

Your wife


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