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Christian Book Expo or Bust

All-righty, I've got the details!!!

I will be signing from 11 AM to 12PM on Saturday, March 21 at the Dallas Convention Center. The Christian Book Expo is open to the public (there's a small fee to get in - check out their website: www.christianbookexpo.com).

I'll be giving away free autographed copies of Miss Match and I would absolutely love to meet you! I'm going to be there with my amazing friends at the Christian Writer's Guild (their website: www.christianwritersguild.com). If you are an aspiring writer and haven't checked out their program, you're missing out. I've had the privilege of having two unbelievable mentors and listening to and interacting with incredible teachers like Liz Curtis Higgs, Francine Rivers and Robin Jones Gunn.

I seriously cannot wait to see you in Dallas!

So, as you've noticed, I've been doing a total overhaul of my blog and attempting to update my website. I know there are still quite a few bugs to work out. Sorry about that! I do not get this HTML stuff. "Easy to Learn" is what everyone always says. To use a '90's phrase, "NOT!!" HTML is it's own language, as the nice support guy told me on the phone yesterday. I've never been very good with learning languages - I have a hard enough time with English.

I'll stop complaining. You may have noticed a slight change on the new website though:

The cover of Cool Beans changed just slightly - as in, new girl! Once we had already seen and approved the previous cover, we found out another publishing house had just published a book with the same girl on the front. :) Oops! So, we have a new girl.

Jon and I have a new TV show obsession - has anyone seen "Chopped" on the Food Network yet? It's a fairly new show and it's sooo fun! First off, you must understand, I love the Food Network. I love using terms like "plating". That and HGTV are the current favorites. One makes me want to be a gourmet chef (wouldn't that be awesome? All the fun of cooking and no clean up!) and the other makes me want to remodel our house (Jon's not too fond of HGTV for that reason). :)

"Chopped" was on last night and we were out of milk, so we were hurrying to the grocery store before it started. We're walking up to the store and you can see these cute little Girl Scouts and their moms all gathered around a table. We had just bought cookies three days ago and still had some left, so Jon immediately picked up the pace.

"Just keep walking," he told me. "Don't look at them, don't make eye contact."

So, we walked in, I didn't look at them, didn't make eye contact. A cute little brown-haired girl asks Jon, "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

And Jon says, "Uh...maybe."

We left with milk and a carton of Caramel de-Lites to join the rest of the Girl Scout family in the kitchen.

This is not a good a sign. I already knew I couldn't resist little kids (or cookies for that matter), so Jon was going to have to be the strong one. Heh. He went down like a stack of blocks in front of a two-year-old. Solidifying our role in the neighborhood - The Sucker House.

Kody does not help matters. He's getting big enough that he's starting to look a little more intimidating to little kids, but kids love Kody and Kody loves kids - especially little girls. He flirts like no other dog I've ever seen. We'll take him on walks to the park and there's always little kids there and he immediately runs to kiss the girls.

So, I'm off to get breakfast. Probably Thin Mints and a hot cup of coffee. They can't be that much worse than a sugary cereal. Right?

Have a great day!

Erynn :)
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