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Writer's Block


I once heard someone say they didn’t believe in writer’s block. I guess that’s good, considering I know Someone else to put your faith in. But if we’re talking about the existence of writer’s block, I’m not sure I agree with them. I think their point was writer’s block is too often used as an excuse to not make deadlines.

Maybe there is a better title for it. Writer’s Distraction. Writer’s Laziness. Writer’s Too Busy Staring At The Gorgeous Sunny Day Outside.

As someone suffering from the last one, I have to admit - it’s hard pulling my eyes from the baby blue skies back to my mind-numbing computer. Honestly, I think I’ve discovered the reason I’m so fair-skinned. The wattage glowing from this computer screen doesn’t do much in the way of tans.

Right now, I’m attempting to write as much as I can on a new proposal and on the second book in the Maya series while Kody - curious little rascal - is sleeping on my ankle and not wandering the house trying to find something else he can play with. However, instead of getting anything done, I’m completely zoning out just like the little guy.


In the past, I’ve been able to avoid writer’s block by making some kind of dessert or eating something made by a little company called Hershey and washing it all down with a huge cup of coffee. Four cookies later, though, and this particular method isn’t working. Maybe I’ve built up my immunity to chocolate?

Actually, I think it’s because anytime I’m sitting for more than twenty minutes at a time now, I start nodding off. Poor Jon - last night we watched a movie he had been wanting to show me. Make that he watched a movie. I promptly fell asleep on his shoulder. I couldn’t help it! The lights were off, we were cuddling under a blanket and our couch is one of those awesome sqooshy ones.

I think I way under-estimated how much energy a puppy takes. And he’s just one little puppy! My hat is off to women balancing kids and dogs.

So, to those of you struggling with writer’s block, I feel your pain. And I’m making a cup of coffee in your honor. And on top of that, I think I’ll set the laptop down for a few minutes and spend some time with the One who invented creativity.

Have a fantastic afternoon, everyone!

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